Wir stellen uns unserer Partnerklasse vor

Tja, so ganz einfach war das heute nicht. Klappe, die zweit, dritte, vierte, ... zehnte. Aber wir haben es hinbekommen! Ganz toll haben die Eulenkids das gemacht. Die Eulenmama hat ein paar graue Haare mehr, weil sie beim Zusammenschneiden der Videos fast verzweifelt wäre! Aber, tadaaaaa!!!!

(For our partnerclass: Well, it wasn't easy today, filming our introduction-video. Take one, two, three... ten. But we did it! Our owlkids did wonderful! And owlmum has gained some gray hairs, because she very nearly went nuts while editing the video! But here it is!!!)

Und das ist unsere Partnerklasse, die ein kleines Video gedreht hat, um ihren Klassenraum vorzustellen:

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Mrs. Cassidy's Class hat gesagt…

We like your video. The cuddle corner is our favourite part of your classroom. It reminds us of our tent that we used to have in our classroom. We wonder how many students you have and whether you have a classroom calendar.

Souly hat gesagt…

In our class are twenty owls (students) and one owlmum (teacher), which is a rather small number.

Usually one teacher has between twenty-five and thirty students - here at my school and in Germany in general.

We have a classroom mascot, it is an owl, and his name is Olli Eule (Olli Owl). Therefor we call ourselves owlkids and our teacher is owlmum.

Yes, we have a classroom calendar, it is on our blackboard - you can't see it on the video. Sorry!

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